Eats for Educators

Eats For Ed: #VegasTeacherStrike Solidarity Fund

Clark County Educators have authorized and are organizing a strike in the nation’s 5th largest school district. Throughout the 2019 Nevada Legislative Session, thousands of educators mobilized to lobby for more education funding, and secured an additional hundred million dollars for public education from the State, with the promise of a 3% raise, a 2% cost of living adjustment (COLA), increased healthcare contributions, and a column movement for qualified educators who have invested in improving their professional practice. 

Now, educators are back at the negotiating table with the Clark County School District, but the District is reneging on its responsibility to honor the contract. Enough is enough. Educators have been short-changed for decades, and education outcomes in Nevada are among the worst in the nation. Across the Vegas Valley, educators are fired up and ready to take action, and our community is in full support of their demands.

Las Vegas DSA stands in solidarity with and supports our educators in Clark County. As a member of the Friends of CCEA coalition, we are raising funds for a #VegasTeacherStrike Solidarity Fund in order to provide material support on the picket line and at rallies in the lead up to a work stoppage. One dollar, five dollars, ten dollars—any amount helps! Show your solidarity with Clark County Educators and chip in to support the #VegasTeacherStrike today!


(Saturday, April 27, 2019 — Clark County educators rallied for more education funding in downtown Las Vegas during the 2019 Nevada Legislative Session)

Note: Las Vegas DSA and the Friends of CCEA coalition plans to provide material support—local food, water, etc.—at rallies and on the picket line. Any additional funds raised will be donated directly to the Clark County Education Association to assist with their organizing efforts moving forward.