LV DSA General Meeting – Oct. 17th

This THURSDAY at 6:30 PM at the SEIU Union Hall

UNLV YDSA General Meeting – Oct 14th

MONDAY at 5pm in the UNLV Student Union building Room 205

Medicare for All Subcommittee Meeting – Oct 16th

WEDNESDAY at 7pm at Grouchy Johns

Immigration Subcommittee Meeting – Oct.20th

SUNDAY at 1pm at Illumillate Coffee Shop


As a group of leftist organizers and civil actors, we recognize that corporations, the finance industry and private interests stripped working people’s political power. The greed and unchecked power of the elite sent economic inequality soaring to historic heights, threatening the very stability of our nation.

We reject the violence of the status quo and the oppression the masses. We believe that no one’s material needs should go unmet. We are socialists, feminists and anti-racists who share a positive vision for a better, fairer world.

To dismantle inequity and restructure our political-economy, we hope to empower everyday people like you to fight for change through campaigns and educational initiatives.

Together we can impact our community for the better and fulfill our nation’s promise of democracy.

Join us to help fight for liberty and justice for all!